In Home Dog Training

In-Home Sessions

Sometimes, you need a little help at home.  Does your dog jump on guests as they enter your home or try to barge out the front door?  Would you prefer your dog back up on command, lay down and wait for your guests to greet your dog?

In-Home training is appropriate in these circumstances.  In fact it is the best way to go as the home environment is where the dog’s behaviors are shown and the training program can be personally tailored to your needs.  In-home training is also great for owners whose’ work schedules preclude them from attending group classes, have more than one dog to train and are not inerested in our residency programs.

Cost for In-Home sessions can vary depending on the distance trainer must travel, behaviors requiring modification and time estimated to do so.  Evaluations can be done to asses the amount of time needed and the evaluation is free.  Call or email for more details.

For surrounding areas a single In-Home session costs $75 and sometimes this is all you need.  For those who may need more try one of our packages and save some money; 2 sessions/$135 (That’s 10% off, Savings of $15) or 4 sessions/$255 (That’s 15% off, Savings of $45)   . 

In order for any training program to be successful, it is imperative for owner(s) to continue working at home to change patterns and behaviors as instructed by your trainer.  Your willingness to incorporate the obedience commands into everyday life, as instructed by your trainer, is crucial for success.  The time and energy that you invest will determine how much you and your dog are able to accomplish.

All of our programs can be customized for you and your dog’s specific needs and wants.  Please do not hesitate to ask.  All programs include phone and email support between lessons.  Follow up advice after training sessions is always available.

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